MAXINSPECT offers a variety of primary services to meet your needs, and also offers additional services in conjunction with primary services:


  • Property Purchase Inspections
  • Pre-Sale Inspections & Consultations
  • Owner Consultations
  • Light Commercial Inspections
  • Multi-Family Building Inspections
  • Interior-Only Townhouse/Condominium Inspections

ADDITIONAL SERVICES (available in conjunction with primary services):

  • Drainage System Flow Testing
  • Pool/Spa Inspection (for systems 15 years or newer)

The MAXINSPECT report is narrative in format. It details inspection findings by house system, and is formatted so it can be quickly and easily understood and utilized. As well as providing a great deal of vital information specific to the subject property, the report clearly highlights:

  major defects requiring immediate attention
  items needing repair
  routine maintenance items
  items that were appropriate to the time of construction but could benefit from upgrading
  items requiring further inspection by specialists in various systems/fields

Briefly, these are many of the items included in an inspection and accompanying report:

  • Structure: Foundation, structural framing, and insulation
  • Lot Drainage: Property grading, roof water disposal, and ventilation
  • Exterior: Siding, driveways, decks, lot drainage, garage doors/openers
  • Roofing: Roofing material and condition, roof water drainage, flashing
  • Chimney/Fireplace: Type and condition of chimneys/fireplaces
  • Heating/Cooling Systems: Condition and operability of heating and cooling equipment
  • Plumbing: Functional flow and drainage, piping support, operation of faucets/fixtures, water heater condition, hot water delivery
  • Electrical: Main service equipment, panels, operation of outlets, switches, and light fixtures, and presence/operation of GFCI devices
  • Interior: Walls and ceilings, floors, stairways, windows, doors, kitchen appliances, and laundry hookups

Both the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and the California Real Estate Association (CREIA) have established Standards of Practice and Codes of Ethics. All MAXINSPECT inspections meet or exceed requirements set forth in both the ASHI and CREIA Standards of Practice, and MAXINSPECT business practices meet or exceed standards established by the ASHI and CREIA Codes of Ethics.

ASHI Standards of Practice
ASHI Code of Ethics
CREIA Standards of Practice
CREIA Code of Ethics

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